Does nature work? Effects of workplace greenery on employee well-being




Natural elements, Workplace greenery, Work burnout, Work engagement


A significant number of studies have been conducted in order to explore the effects of greenery on various aspects of human functioning. However, little is known about how natural elements affect indicators of well-being at work, such as work burnout or work engagement. Two studies (Study 1, winter – Ljubljana, Slovenia; Study 2, spring – Novi Sad, Serbia) were performed in order to: 1) assess the effect of natural elements on work burnout and work engagement in two different seasons (winter and spring); 2) explore if gender moderates the effects of workplace greenery on work burnout and work engagement. The results from Study 1 (winter) showed that, after the exclusion of outliers from the dataset, neither indoor nor outdoor greenery had a significant effect on work engagement and work burnout. Contrary to this, in Study 2 (spring) outdoor greenery exerted a significant effect on both burnout and engagement, while indoor greenery did not. The moderating effect of gender was not clear and further studies on this topic are needed. Thus, the current research extends the existing literature on workplace greenery and demonstrates that natural elements can, to some extent, affect indicators of employee well-being, such as burnout and work engagement.


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Popov, B., Popov, S., & Nastran, M. (2023). Does nature work? Effects of workplace greenery on employee well-being. Primenjena Psihologija, 16(1), 29–58.



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