Aims and scope

Primenjena psihologija is Open Access, a peer-reviewed journal, which publishes empirical research covering a wide range of the science of psychology. The journal’s coverage is comprehensive and includes organizational psychology, clinical psychology; developmental psychology; experimental psychology (and cognitive neuroscience); educational psychology; social psychology; mental health, biological psychology; psychometry, personality psychology and sport psychology.  Journal publishes original research papers, meta-analysis and replication studies related to the latest achievements in psychology, if they have direct or indirect implications for psychological practice. In addition to publishing manuscripts that have a clearly applied focus, Primenjena psihologija solicits interdisciplinary research that integrates psychology with other related research fields, such as political science, medicine, molecular genetics, educational science, etc., encouraging interdisciplinary authorship. Primenjena psihologija provides a contribution to a systematic approach to the replication crisis in psychology, publishing papers that directly reproduce previous research by the same or other authors, using the same methodology.

In addition to freely submitted articles, Primenjena psihologija publishes Special Issues once a year. Special Issues refer to scientific articles with a certain thematic focus compiled by guest editors.