Personality traits and assertiveness as predictors of self-esteem and social anxiety


  • Milana Alinčić Psihopolis Institute, Novi Sad



personality traits, assertiveness, self-esteem, social anxiety


The main objective of this research was to explore the relation between personality traits and assertiveness, on the one hand, and self-esteem and social anxiety, on the other. The sample consisted of 240 individuals. Participants completed a battery of instruments, which included an instrument for measuring personality traits – the Big Five Plus Two, an instrument for measuring social anxiety – the SA scale, an instrument for measuring assertiveness – the A scale, and an instrument for measuring self-esteem – the RSS scale. Data were analyzed using factor analysis, Pearsons’ correlations, regression analysis, and hierarchical regression analysis. Results showed that assertiveness correlated highly with selfesteem and social anxiety. Personality traits and assertiveness were significant predictors of self-esteem and social anxiety. Our findings can provide guidance to practitioners working with clients suffering form depression, eating disorders, interpersonal problems i.e. problems which often include low self-esteem and high social anxiety as primary concerns. Inclusion of assertiveness skills training in treatment of these individuals is considered.


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Alinčić, M. (2013). Personality traits and assertiveness as predictors of self-esteem and social anxiety. Primenjena Psihologija, 6(2), 139–154.



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